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CSQA is a  certification company with 25 years experience in the agrifood, consumer goods, catering, technical and professional services (laboratories, ICT, energy, research companies, waste management, consulting firms, etc.), government and personal services sectors.
It soon acquired a leading position, in Italy, in the agricultural and food and beverages sectors. In fact, besides being the first accredited body in food in Italy, in 2000 it created the first set of standards for the voluntary certification of controlled supply chains, later to become the reference for the development of the UNI 10939 standard, transformed into the ISO 22005 standard.

In these 25 years of continuous growth, the CSQA has constantly satisfied the requirements of an increasingly large and diversified client base, developing its services (certification, auditing and training) in a number of sectors and obtaining important accreditations and acknowledgements in Europe and internationally.

Today, with a turnover of 11 million euros, it has offices in Italy and abroad, over 80 employees and 300 professionals, provides a broad range of services, ranging from (regulated and voluntary) product certifications to management systems in the fields of quality, the environment, energy, occupational health and safety, information security and social responsibility.


logo CSQA

VALORITALIA was established in 2009 by Federdoc and CSQA, later joined by UIV, as part of a concerted effort not to dispel the skills built up by the protection associations, with regard to erga omnes controls. Therefore, it is thanks to these partners that this heritage has been preserved and is now still available to the wine growing industries, to benefit their development.

This roadmap for the future ensures that, alongside mandatory certifications, VALORITALIA today can also offer the possibility of access to numerous voluntary certifications, ranging from organic productions to more environmental issues.

Thinking of tomorrow, VALORITALIA has set itself the task of building a supply chain as far-reaching and aware as possible, in which businesses, government and consumers may proactively collaborate to ensure that the social values prevail over personal egoism.