DNV is one of the world’s leading certification bodies. We support companies in more than 100 countries in mitigating and managing risks through certification, verification, assessment, and training services with the goals of sustainability, transparency, and trust towards the market, consumers, customers, and all stakeholders.
DNV combines established professional skills in the supply chain with advanced technological and sustainability knowledge. A synergy from which innovative assurance models are born, able not only to support the effective traceability of value chains, but also to trigger that relationship of trust between manufacturers, retailers, brands, and consumers, today more and more demanding and aware of sustainability issues, not only environmental but also business and social.
DNV has been supporting for a long time one of the pillars of the Italian agri-food production and export, the wine sector, helping wine companies to demonstrate the value and quality of their product and the positive impacts of their choices on the environment.
In addition, DNV collaborates with public bodies to support the development of sustainability performance measurement indicators specific to the sector and today is able to follow and support the wine sector with all major process and product certifications.
In line with the company’s vision – safeguarding life, property and the environment – My Story™ is a Digital Assurance solution based on Blockchain technology that makes it impossible to manipulate data and information and guarantees transparency and traceability of both products and the supply chain.
My Story™ has already been chosen by several Italian companies to certify their Made in Italy products, including some companies in the wine sector. DNV helps these companies to get the maximum value, also in terms of communication and transparent relationship with consumers, from audits and certification.