Sustainability Made in Italy for the World of Wine

EQUALITAS aims to promote the sustainability of the agrifood and wine supply chains, first and foremost, based on a vision and an approach tailored to bringing together businesses, society and the market.

Our key objective at Equalitas is to spread a unique approach to sustainability in the wine industry, built on the social, environmental and economic pillars, and a collective brand offering the best guarantee for consumers. Thanks to the technical, cultural and political resources of a broad stakeholder base, Equalitas intends to pool the best consolidated and innovatory practices, in order to launch a global Italian model of sustainable quality.

The Equalitas-Sustainable Wine standard will enable wine growers to adopt an internal Sustainability Management System and to prepare an annual Sustainability Report, assuring the ongoing improvement of its sustainability standards for clients and stakeholders alike.
The Equalitas Scientific Board, which includes renowned industry technicians and scientists (click here to view the list of members), can guarantee the continuous compliance of the standard with state-of-the-art knowledge, also acting as an impartial forum for managing the standard.

The Strategy Plan of Equalitas
aims to:

– disseminate the culture of sustainability in the Italian wine growing industry, through support for the Equalitas-Sustainable Wine standard;
– obtain recognition of the standard by large scale retail channels, in Italy and internationally;
– spread the standard and its technical and cultural contents through all the Horeca distribution channels and the industry media;
– obtain the recognition of the standard by all the standard-setting organisations (such as, UNI, ISO) and quality systems (e.g. MIPAAF);
– disseminate the Equalitas-Sustainable Wine standard in the major global production markets, as a reference standard and a benchmark for managing and promoting sustainable wine.