After CSQA and Valoritalia, a third entity has completed the accreditation process pursuant to the SOPD Equalitas standard. This is Agroqualità. Agroqualità was founded in 1995 from the need of the Chambers of Commerce to oversee the issues of agri-food certification, equipping itself with a specialised structure capable of operating in a market which, in the mid-nineties, was starting to show the need to safeguard quality values.

Qualification and enhancement of agri-food production have always represented Agroqualità’s mission.

In 2007, in order to enhance and expand the activities and services offered to businesses, control is acquired by

RINA, a company that provides a wide range of services in the energy, marine, certification, infrastructure and transport and industry sectors, with over 3,900 resources and 200 offices in 70 countries worldwide. In 2013, thanks to the acquisition and subsequent merger by incorporation of Ismecert, a certification body specialised in providing added value to quality productions, Agroqualità became one of the major Italian players in the field of agri-food market controls.
In 2017, on the basis of the growing attention towards environmental and sustainability issues, Agroqualità began operating in the sector of organic and integrated agriculture production. Within this framework, joining the Equalitas scheme aims to continue along this path, to offer companies in the wine industry advanced services in the field of sustainability, an aspect increasingly present in the economic system and in the management of the territories as it is an added value for businesses, consumers and for public administrations.