Ricasoli obtains the Equalitas certification from Valoritalia

The centuries-old tradition of Chianti Classico adopts sustainability September 2020 - Ricasoli obtains the Equalitas certification from Valoritalia, an important recognition that rewards the choices and sustainability policies of the oldest Italian winery. Today Ricasoli [...]

Equalitas audits and Covid-19

Equalitas announces that audits against the SOPD Equalitas standard have resumed on June the 15th. Equalitas asked the certification bodies resuming their activities to adopt the safety procedures linked to their own and to the [...]

The days of sustainability 2020

On February the 5th, Equalitas takes part in "The days of sustainability". Director Stefano Stefanucci speaks about sustainability in the wine sector. Full program available (in Italian). The Interdepartmental Center for Research in Viticulture and [...]

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