Equalitas, a subsidiary of Federdoc and holder of the homonymous standard aimed at certifying sustainability in the wine industry, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Assobenefit, the national association for benefit companies, to promote the development of companies in Italy benefits and sustainable in the wine sector.

The collaboration provides for joint training and awareness-raising initiatives aimed at those companies that want to adopt an orientation consistent with the business benefit model, while at the same time adopting the sustainability standard developed by Equalitas.

“Equalitas and Assobenefit have been cooperating for some time on these activities but have nevertheless decided to strengthen them with a formal commitment, to underline the importance of a path that seems destined to increasingly affect the physiognomy of Italian companies”, said the president of Assobenefit, Mauro Del Barba.

Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, president of Equalitas, explains that “profitability, sustainability and respect for ethical-social values ​​are no longer factors in contrast with each other and constitute the new horizon of the company, especially for those that produce foodstuffs that directly affect our health and collective well-being “.