Since its inception, Equalitas has adopted a holistic approach towards sustainability, simultaneously including its three pillars: environmental, social and economic. But if good environmental practices have been at the basis of business development for years, social ones need new schemes and incentives to be more integrated into business realities.
Work is a fundamental element of our society and its correct management is a key factor for the economic and social growth of companies.
In this regard, we are proud to share the results of the survey that we carried out in collaboration with Gambero Rosso Foundation and the Luci sul Lavoro Festival, and that was scientifically coordinated by Prof. Enzo Peruffo of the Luiss G. Carli University of Rome, in collaboration with the Equalitas Scientific Technical Committee.
With the hope that the results of this survey can stimulate and encourage the adoption of good social practices and with the aim of improving coexistence between businesses and society, we wish you a good read.

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